Evo Construction - Servo Preparation

Insert the servo cable ties
Pushrod Exit Slots

The pushrod exit slots marked in the Evo plans are designed to accomodate a 2mm size pushrod and are for use with a ball joint at the elevon end. As marked, the pushrods are coupled to the elevons at near half span and so eliminate control surface flutter at high flight speeds.

Servo Mounting Straps

We recommend using 4.5mm wide cable ties to hold your servos in place. These are very strong and their width ensures that forces are spread over a large area to discourage tearing of the twinwall material.

Using a screwdriver or a similar instrument of about 3mm diameter, make holes through your twinwall sheet at the points marked as servo mounting holes on the Evo plan. Please note that these holes are correctly placed for the use of standard 9g micro servos and Mugi pushrod kits available from us. Note the orientation of the servo cable ties - so located that when tightened, the free end will point towards the rear of the aircraft.

If you are using different servos and/or pushrods from our standard then you'll have to use trial and error to find the correct placing for your servos.

Check the Servo Horns

At this stage it's a very good idea to make sure that the holes in your servo horns will fit the pushrod connectors you are using. With Mugi pushrod kits and micro servos you will most likely have to make the holes a little larger. This is easily done by carefully rotating a scalpel or sharp blade in the hole, constantly checking for fit until the connector will go through the hole without jamming.

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