Evo Construction - Wing Folding

Initial fold alignment
Folding Your Wing

This is the critical moment of your Evo build. The wing folding creates your wing section and so accuracy is essential. If you've cut a very accurate base shape for your Evo then you should have no problems with alignment and final wing shape. If you haven't already done so, try a test fold of the wing to see how the two halves meet in the centre. Be careful not to let the two glued surfaces contact each other or they'll grab and you'll have to peel them apart!

If you're happy to go ahead with the folding and gluing then read on.

Initial Fold Alignment and Initial 'Grab'

Take your aluminium ruler, or whatever you're using, and then, as shown below use it to bring both sides of your wing down equally. As you do this the wing will start to adopt a curved section. About 140mm or so back from the nose will be the highest point of your wing. As you bring the two sides down, adjust the position of the trailing edge fore and aft so that this highest point will be about 25mm.

When you are satisfied that your wing has the correct form then you should press down firmly all the way along your ruler, moving it forward slightly to ensure that the glue around the silencer area is grabbing. With the glue initially grabbed you can now move on to the wing clamping.

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