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Universal 'can' motor mount


Simple universal motor mount

The simplest way to mount any can shaped motor on your Mugi is with heavy duty cable ties. This solution is extremely strong, quick and easy. The motor sits at the rear of the aircraft in the middle portion of the M shaped silencer cutout. The motor must act in pusher mode.

Making holes for the cable ties

The motor on the Evo is attached by two heavy duty cable ties. 4mm wide cable ties are perfect for this application (these are included in the Mugi Evo kit).

Place the motor in the required position central to the aircraft and as far forward as you can get it without the prop interfering with the trailing edge. In practice it may be necessary to cut the tail point off the silence cutout for extra clearance.

For high torque motors - e.g. brushless motors, a small piece of self adhesive hook and loop fastener between the motor and the aircraft will prevent the motor from rotating in its mount.

With the motor in place, take a pen and mark four dots either side of the motor, the motor's width apart. Two dots should be made as far forward on the motor as possible while still allowing the cable tie to grip the case of the motor. The other two marks should be made near the trailing edge at the rear of the motor. You can then insert the cable ties through the wing as shown in the first diagram above.

Tightening the cable ties

Place the motor in position and then tighten the cable ties as follows:

The front cable tie should be pulled as tight as possible - this will pull the nose of the motor into the wing and create the desired thrustline.

The rear cable tie should be tightened to provide a light grip on the motor - in practice this cable tie merely keeps the alignment of the motor and prevents it from yawing.

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