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Evo Construction - Easy LED Unit

A simple solderless lighting unit

The animation above shows just how simple it is to build a lighting unit for your Mugi Evo. The same technique can be applied to making lighting units for other aircraft - you needn't always use two LEDs either. The concept works equally well with just one LED and, with a little imagination and creativity, can be adapted to add extra LEDs to suit your grandest illumination plans.

Required components and equipment

You will need:

  • Two high brightness LEDs
  • One lightweight screw terminal connector
  • Two appropriate resistors eg. 80 ohm
  • One servo lead
  • A small piece of self-adhesive hook and loop
  • A pair of pliers and a hacksaw
Choosing LEDs and resistors

If you've got this far without knowing that LED stands for a Light Emitting Diode then you might possibly not know where to find them and what to ask for. LEDs are non-incandescent components that produce light very efficiently and reliably when compared to a bulb. LEDs are found everywhere from torches to key ring lights (or next to the power button on your monitor perhaps) and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and brightness ratings.

The LEDs we're interested in are high or extreme brightness. They are available from specialist component suppliers such as Maplin (in the UK). With an 80 to 100 ohm (low wattage) resistor in the lighting unit these types should work brilliantly and draw around 20-25mA. At up to £3 each they're pretty expensive - especially compared to our own great value lighting kit - available from our online shop!

Need more info?

If you've got any questions about the lighting unit, flying at night or LEDs, please feel free to drop us a line (contact details below).

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