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Mugi Says:

"Justin Eyre with his highly entertaining 'What I think (asifyougiveadamn)' weblog seems to be on a single-handed crusade to convert the modellers of Montana to the Mugi Evo. On his blog you'll find lots of fun tales of their flying, photos and links to videos of combat action. The group Evo shot above apparently shows:

  • The red and white striped - Justin's own Evos
  • The orange and white one on the left is likely the fastest one in town so far, it belongs to Dick and it's powered by an Ultrafly brushless.
  • The two on the right are Eric's, the blue and white one in the front with the checkers on it being powered by an Align 3550 kv heli motor and it hauls! The red and white one's powered by the stock brushed motor from his Great Planes XPD-8 ducted fan.
  • The plain one in the foreground belongs to none other than local king of speed Rapid Rodney.

Justin's infectious enthusiasm for flying and the Mugi Evo speaks much louder than any words I could type here. Take a look for yourselves..."

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  Justin's hilarious and inciteful blog of his day to day in Billings, Montana including his modelling exploits.
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