Mugi Info - About Mugi

Who are we?

We are a small group of modellers with an addiction to building with twinwall polypropylene and flying the Mugi Evo. At our core we are the Wood family but the 'Mugi' family extends to a few other people who have become integral to the cause, and - of course - the worldwide Mugi community.

The Community

The worldwide community of Mugi and Mugi Evo builders have continued to show us great warmth and generosity in their own efforts to spread the word. Every time someone out there flies one of our aircraft it really does mean a heck of a lot to us. Without a 'fan base' there'd be few incentives for us to keep going!

Our Aims

Our core aim is still the same now as it was back in 2000 when we started - to get people building tough, inexpensive and fun aircraft from twinwall polypropylene. The material has been around in RC modeling for ages but, with the availability of more suitable, lightweight yet very tough grades, has the potential to become a firm favourite with everyone who tries it.

We are still planning to release lots more free aircraft plans! However, limited to free time the task of intensively putting together the plans and instructions is not a speedy process. Keep checking back for news on our homepage, and keep an eye on the skies!

For More Information

If you would like to know more about Mugi, would like to ask questions about building our aircraft, or perhaps would like to arrange a club visit or building evening, please drop us a line to

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