Mugi Info - Website History


The first incarnation of the Mugi website was launched way back in August 2000, but before long, more content, new animations and a new logo displaced the inital untidy offering.

The Mugi delta aircraft was originally conceived as a combat slope soarer and the early websites didn't feature much powered flight, though we'd 'dabbled' behind the scenes and saw the potential in the airframe.

The 2002 website revision was created mainly to increase the amount of content sections with a new navigation. However, that soon began to creak as we found new ways of using the plane and new construction techniques. Work on the latest site began in 2003, but since the development is a part time, after hours job, the latest site didn't see the light of day until early 2005. However, going through around six different visual designs during development didn't help!

The latest, current, site finally felt right and offers us ways to expand the content to an unlimited degree. We hope it offers the clarity, speed and accessibility we were aiming for. If not, please let us know!

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