Introduction - Design Features


Fuselage offers plenty of room for radio installation

The unique formerless fuselage concept uses geometric taper to triangulate a hollow structure to provide strength and rigidity without the need for bulkheads.

Simple and painless wing removal

The Tea Racer wing is located at the leading edge with a locating 'tongue'. The rear of the wing is held fast with the supplied nylon bolt (spare bolt also supplied)

Easy to add fourth function for rudder

Using the hardware provided, you can add a functioning rudder to your Tea Racer. If you're planning to fit an undercarriage then rudder is essential for ground handling. Simply cut a slot in the tail section, add a pushrod and a micro servo.

Unique friction motor mount

The Tea Racer is designed for 28mm brushless 'inrunner' motors. These fit tightly in the nose section and, when held with a little self adhesive 'hook and loop' fastener will not move under operation. Even high torque motors are suitable for mounting this way.
It's a small leap of faith to mount a motor like this but trust us - it works brilliantly and lets you chop and change motors or share powerplants very easily!

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