Introduction - About the Tea Racer

Mk1 Tea Racer
Mk2 Tea Racer
Mk3 Tea Racer

The Tea Racer is an 810mm wingspan pylon racer for electric power and aileron/elevator control. The design features a lightweight formerless fuselage and a sleek racing profile.

With a suitable 28mm diameter motor, such as a speed 400 or brushless inrunner, you can expect exhilarating high speed performance and aerobatics.

This is not a beginners aeroplane. While easy to build, a good level of accuracy is required for best results. Additionally, for flying this is definitely not a suitable first model. The Tea Racer is fast and agile and needs to be flown 'hands-on' at all times.

The photos on the right show the Tea Racer in three stages of its development and illustrate how its form changed subtley in the pursuit of performance.

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