Decoration - Coffee Shop Dave's Tape Tutorial @ Instructables.com

Coffee Shop Dave's colouring tutorial at instructables.com

Dave from the good old USA has painstakingly prepared a superb colouring tutorial for the Instructables website. Hats off and forelocks tugged to his dedication - essential reading for the budding Mugiite!

Click the logo (left) or here to visit his fab tutorial.

Dave Explains:

This was my first Mugi graphical style attempt and it took me about five hours including the time to photograph, expect a 10 hour commitment over a few days though. The coroplast I used is 2mm coroplast that I bought from the Mugi people, drop them an email and they will get back to you.

If you are interested in Mugi planes check out mugi.co.uk, they are super helpful and cool to deal with. There is also a strong community of friendly people willing to help out with questions you might have. Search for them on Yahoo groups.

This was my first RC plane and I've built a few Mugis since then. Although it was hard to fly (for me) it's darn near indestructible. I've crashed this plane straight down from hundreds of feet - It was ready to fly again as soon as I pulled it out of the ground! My first time out I crashed it so many times my motor shaft bent but the coroplast body was fine.

I'm a decent Mugi pilot now. I watch pilots at the field flying planes that are much, much less maneuverable. And they crash once. And they are done. I fly my Mugi 8 or 12 times, crash it bad twice, and still fly the rest of the day. Do the math.

If you really, really want to fly (and fly fast, maneuverable, and smokin' hot, for cheap), fly Mugi. Post pics.


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