Tutorials - Introduction

Anyone who's ever built a model using twinwall will no doubt be convinced that the possibilities of the material stretch right to the limits of our imaginations.

Through our own exploration of the material, we have found many different ways to apply twinwall to the construction of model aircraft and other objects - often learning the hard way by trial and error - building up a series of techniques that will hopefully be helpful to anyone considering building one of the planes on this site, or your own scratch built designs.

The sub sections

This 'tutorials' section of the site will initially layout suggestions for essential equipment and kit you may find make twinwall modelling much easier and accurate, moving onto the basic core techniques that help to form shapes from twinwall and finally a series of articles detailing how to make generic aircraft components such as wings and fuselages.

These techniques will be called upon to build some of the models to be featured on this site. By illustrating the building concepts now, we hope to make future web plans available much more quickly as I'll be able to reference already established techniques.

The later articles are aimed at seasoned modelers or the daring novice and assume that you know will have sufficient experience to fit a servo into a wing or how to attach a pushrod, for example. If these are alien concepts to you then now's possibly not the best time in your flying career to start scratch building.

Setting out on the right foot

The techniques listed here are definitely not the be all and end all... merely a set of techniques that we've developed and found to suit us. There are probaby innumerable ways in which you can improve on them and if you do, why not drop us a line.

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