Basic Techniques - Scoring

What is scoring?

Scoring is the strongest way to fold twinwall across the direction of the flutes.
By crushing the walls of the flutes along the line of the fold, no material is removed and the fold will retain maximum strength. The only drawback of a 'scored' fold is that the line of the fold is rarely uniform and often the line will look rather wavy - this can be reduced in practice with greater accuracy.

The leading edge of the Mugi and the wings on this site use the score fold. If you can practice getting the folds accurate and consistent, then you'll find this to be perhaps the quickest way to a very durable and impact resilient wing.

How to score twinwall

Take your metal ruler, aluminium channel or yardstick and hold it firmly on to the twinwall - lined up with the location of your fold.
You now need a blunt, but narrow instrument to run along the line of your fold. Suitable tools are a 6" steel ruler, back of a knife or even a pizza cutter, apparently.

The object of the scoring exercise is to crush to walls of the flutes all along the fold line.
Be careful not to allow the tool to drift from the guide ruler - it may be easier to have a friend, relative or family pet hold the ruler for you.

With the ruler still in place simply lift the free side of your fold and make sure the line is where you wanted it. Job done - a very strong edge!

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